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Who owns WazirX?

Also in today’s edition: Amazon sucks up Roomba; Food delivery cos see green; RBI keeps up with rate hikes; Berkshire Hathaway’s earnings are a mixed…

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The eagle-dragon face-off

The US and China are locked in a competition for global influence, short of a war

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The rot inside Apple

Also in today’s edition: Pixar’s Disney+ problem; Consumers hang up on Chinese smartphones; Data makes Indian legislation go round; Countdown to RBI’s…

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CEOs break up with Tinder

Also in today’s edition: Travel saves Airbnb and Uber; Nike scores in women’s sport; Lowdown on India and 5G; Taiwan braces for US-China powwow

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TikTok proposes, world disposes

Also in today’s edition: The great IT squeeze; Another blockchain bridge capsizes; Eateries take on Swiggy and Zomato–again; Reliance Retail’s ONDC Grab

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‘Eternal’ Zomato

Also in today’s edition: TikTok Music to compete with Spotify; TV’s redemption arc; Deutsche Bank’s left red in the face; Food inflation is here to stay

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JP Morgan, travel agent

Also in today’s edition: Insider story; Monkeypox see, monkeypox do; Metaverse jobs bite the dust; Economies brace for contraction

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The data shadow covering India

Delayed Census and increasingly fuzzy data is blurring visibility for researchers and policy makers

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Jio goes for the jugular

Also in today’s edition: Meta migraine; The strong dollar is stirring trouble; Chess makes big sponsorship moves; Tata Neu’s got woes

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SoftBank’s succession saga

Also in today’s edition: Lollapalooza comes to India; Instagram’s stubborn streak; Glitch in China’s gaming matrix; Google and Microsoft come through

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Paytm declares sponsorship innings

Also in today’s edition: Will Adani go the Jio way?; Alibaba’s shattered US dreams; End of an era for social networks; Legal advice for brand…

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Social media’s underage problem

Also in today’s edition: Uber-Ola status quo under threat; CEOs face shareholder ire over pay; E-commerce hits the speedbreaker; The balancing act of…

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